Lady Dee Rollins-Britt CEO of SSS

Helping one Sister at a Time

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 Lady Dee Rollins

Co-Founder of Sisters Strengthening Sisters Ministry

Radio Host for WGXM Radio Station, Gospel Grooves Entertainment

CEO/Travel Agent

Fitness For Christ Ministry Partner

Spoken from the Heart of Lady Dee Rollins

Thank you for always being there for me, for understanding and listening and most of all for never being too far.

Thank you for being there to hear my complaints and my fears and for always being around to dry up my tears

Thank you for letting me come to you all the times when I didn't even know what to do.

Thank you for Mercy and Grace that allowed me to move at a slower pace

Thank you for being a true friend and being there until the bitter end

Thank you for opening your arms whenever I needed a hug even after all of the hole I dug

Thank you for keeping me together during the Good and Bad Weather

Thank you for holding me up when I wanted to fall, and for teaching me all the numbers I could call

Thank you for building me up and making me strong, even if I fall I know in my heart it won't be long

Thank you for your patience along the way, and mostly God

I Thank you that I know YOU Today.